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All or Nothing

It's Nothing-Day! So you better do nothing else than play ALL or NOTHING with us!

You can choose: Do you take the 50% bonus or do you want to risk it all and play for the 100% mega bonus?

This offer is not valid at the moment.
Today you have two options. If you choose the left panel, you get a whopping 50% extra coins on your next purchase. But you can also decide to risk your bonus. If you choose the right field, you will receive either 100% extra coins or no bonus at all. You can only play once. What will you choose?
Bonus Coins are paid out in the form of additional coins on your next purchase and rounded up in your favor to full Coins. The exact number of coins is calculated from your purchase amount. A cash payment is not possible. The payment systems pay with the mobile phone and pay by call are excluded from this offer.